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WW2: 1944 Liberation of Belgium & The Battle of the Bulge 1944/45: Tour Code: 11019

 - The young German paratrooper grinned at his his platoon commander - "Auf wiedersehen, Herr Leutnant, sehe dich in Amerika!"

In the bleak winter morning of December 16, 1944 in the wooded hills of the Belgian Ardennes morale was high as 1,000 German tanks and assault guns and 250,000 troops of Army Group B crashed through an 85 mile wide front into the the US 1st Army.

At the beginning it looked as if the young paratrooper was almost right when he joked that this offensive was going to take them all the way to America. Nearly 9,000 US soldiers facing annihilation on the Schnee Eifel were forced to surrender and vehicles, weapons and equipment were abandoned. But the Americans -  sometimes isolated and surrounded - showed extraordinary courage and endurance and the assault was slowed and finally halted. By Boxing Day the fighting was static and British troops had joined the fight on December 19 to support their American allies.

The Ardennes that initially appeared to have the makings of a German victory became a costly defeat and by the close of the fighting the Germans had lost about 100,000 men, with the Americans 19,000 killed and 47,000 wounded and the British 10,000.

As a battleground it is spectacular with wooded mountains and ancient buildings. As a battle it has both human and historical interest, and was the the greatest pitched battle ever fought by the Americans.

In addition to visiting the scenes of the action in the Battle of the Bulge, we commemorate the liberation of Ypres and Brussels in September 1944 and visit both cities, including the Royal Army Museum in Brussels.

The Ardennes is a beautiful part of Belgium and has a well deserved reputation for good food and amazing scenery

Your guide: Brian Shaw
Cost: 829 Per Person (based on twin / double share)
129 Single Supplement
Dates: 02-06 October 2015 (Tour Fully Booked)

Online brochure:
Normandy 1944 – D-Day 6 June 1944 - Anniversary Battlefield Tour:
Tour code: 11036
- Join us on a journey through the landings and battles that changed the course of History. We will underpin some stereotypical views as almost accurate, while debunking other myths. We will take you to the iconic locations.

One is Omaha Beach where so many young Americans lost their lives on a windswept stretch of sand. Another is the paratroop drop in the dark of night to take and hold the vital Pegasus Bridge crossing. This is a voyage of discovery and understanding for every member of our group. This is an exciting opportunity to walk in the footsteps of heroes.

Cost: 869 (Per person based on twin/double share)
Single Supplement:  139 (subject to availability)
Dates: 05-09 June 2015 (Tour Fully Booked)
Online brochure:
WW2: Berlin: Hitler's Third Reich & Soviet post war Berlin:
Tour Code: 11018
Join us for a tour of the heart of Hitler's Reich and the focal point of the cold war. See the infamous "Checkpoint Charlie" and the exchange point for spy swaps ('sagensumpf'') during the Cold War. This is a unique city with so much to experience. We will be tracing the steps of the fall of more than one great Empire – those of Kaiser Wilhelm, the Third Reich and the Soviet Empire.

The years of the Weimer Republic will also contribute to our tour. Crossing the city centrer takes us from East Side Communist to West Side Federal Republic. We will visit locations on the edge of the city to help our understanding of what happened here in the last century.

This tour offers an amazing 100 years of fascinating history, with Berlin now the third most visited city in Europe - a fascinating vibrant city that is a 'must visit' destination. This is a special tour not to be missed as we tell an incredible story about a place that has been part of so many different and exciting stories.

Cost: 699 land only (Per person based on twin/double share) + best available airfare
Single Supplement: 209 (subject to availability)
Dates: 1 - 4 September 2015 (Tour Fully Booked)
Online brochure:
WW2: Operation Market Garden Tour: Holland:
Tour Code: 10960
Take the Spirit of Remembrance Operation "Market Garden" tour and you will understand the thinking behind Field Marshal Montgomery's daring attempt to cross the lower River Rhine using airborne forces and ground troops. Our tour is a tribute to the British and American soldiers who fought so heroically, often against impossible odds, and the Dutch people who helped them.

Throughout your tour your guide will be on hand to put a human face on the historic battle and tell the story of the young men who fought to liberate Holland in 1944.

Your guide: Colonel Christopher Newbould
Cost: 1049 Per person (based on twin/double share)
Single Supplement: 219 (subject to availability)
Dates: 17-21 September 2015 (Tour Fully Booked)
Online brochure:
WW2: Krakow: Auschwitz Remembrance Tour:
Tour Code: 11020
Join us on a tour to Krakow and the heart of Hitler's reign of terror - Auschwitz.
There are few names that stand for the horror of the Nazi reign over Europe quite like that of Auschwitz. A death camp cannot tell the true nature of a place that turned killing into a mechanized process, humans into a raw material and murder into a factory system.

The attempted genocide of Jews, Gypsies and other demonized groups is one which we all still find hard to explain. This is a special tour not to be missed as we tell an incredible story about a time and place – and more than one nation.

Cost: 619 land only (Per person based on twin/double share) + best available airfare
Single Supplement: 199 (subject to availability)
Dates: 24 - 27 November 2015
Online brochure:

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