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Specifically designed battlefield tours on a rental Harley-Davidson motor cycle for American, Canadian and Australian riders! Operated exclusively with Lind Tours, the UK's leading Harley-Davidson authorised Tour Operator. Riding your own Harley-Davidson, each itinerary is designed to closely follow in the footsteps of the men who fought here long ago, riding primarily on scenic country back-roads and taking in the different battlefields/towns and areas of major interest specific to your country of origin. Besides visiting the battlefields where your family/ancestors fought 100 years ago we will be including plenty of great riding time to visit chateaux, wineries and other places of interest!

Each tour will have a maximum of 14 Harley-Davidson bikes including two bike tour leaders and also employ the services of one of our qualified battlefield tour guides for all the key battle locations we visit in Europe (France, Belgium, Holland etc).

USA (2 Tours)
Tour 1: WW2 & WW1
Tour 2: WW2: Brussels and the Ardennes (Battle of Bulge)
The American Harley-Davidson tour(s) are tentatively scheduled to operate in July/August 2016 (exact tour dates to be available shortly.) Tour 1 - taking in both WW2 and WW2 will start at the D-Day landings in Normandy and then travel inland following the American advance to the Rhine. It will also include 2/3 days in the beautiful Meuse-Argonne area of France where more Americans died in a 6 week period during WW1 than any other battle in America's history.

Tour 2 (The Battle of the Bulge) will specifically cover the densely forested Ardennes region of Wallonia in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg retracing the horrific battles of the winter of 44/45 where the Germans nearly punched through the American lines in a final desperate attack.

CANADA: (2 Tours)
Tour 1: WW1: Canadians on the Western Front:
Tour 2: WW2: From D-Day to the Rhine

The Canadian Harley-Davidson tour(s) are tentatively scheduled to operate in May/Jun and July/August 2016 (exact tour dates to be available shortly) with Tour 1 (WW1) specifically designed to cover the Canadian sectors of the WW1 Western Front in France and Belgium.

Tour 2 (WW2) will cover specifically the heroic action of the Canadians from the WW2 D-Day landings at Normandy to inland then their advance through France and Holland to the Rhine and then Berlin.

AUSTRALIA: (2 Tours)
Tour 1: Australians on the Western Front:

Tour 2: WW1 & 2: From D-Day to Brussels 
Our Australian Harley-Davidson tour(s) are tentatively scheduled to operate in May/Jun/July 2016 (exact tour dates to be available soon.) Tour 1 will specifically cover the Australian sectors of the WW1 Western Front in France and Belgium where our forebears fought and died in the mud and blood of the infamous Western Front.

Tour 2 will cover both WW2 and WW1 sectors  - starting at the Allied landings at Normandy and retracing the Allied push inland from Normandy then moving to Northern France and Belgium to cover all the Australian sectors of the WW1 Western Front.


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